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My version of Carrie Nelson’s Little Trick schnibble, made with Kate Spain’s ‘fandango’ and an unknown mottle. I completed piecing this in the middle of mai, and still it waits. I can not decide on how it should be quilted.

For something that was meant as a quick finish, not knowing how to quilt it to a finish is bugging me!

The leftover squares from the schnibble I hand pieced and quilted into this mini runner.

To bind the inner corners neatly, I used these tutes: Alicia’s Attic, and Anka’s Treasures Quilting thread is Oliver Twists ‘over the top’ 16/2 mercerised Egyptian cotton in ‘sunset’ colourway.

Ah ça, as manman is fond of saying, back to my stars, and my newest Quilts Japan magazine. (J’adore!!) 🙂 Had she seen me today, out in the heavy rain, she would have said I was ‘trempé coumme un vraitcheux’ (soaked as a seaweed gatherer). I am very thankful for this warm, dry house to return to. Another reason 2b cheerful, no?


my creative space…

is a mess!

Reason 2b cheerful~ 56 flying geese trimmed, only 24 to go. Ah ça! My poor hand and shoulder. I shall not tell how long it took me to trim those 56 geese; too embarrassing. Despite careful sewing and cutting, the majority of my geese were wonky liek woah, and it became an art to trim them up. (I resewed some of the worst offenders–had to.)

Another reason 2b cheerful~ I found an Etsy shop that stocks ‘Paganini’ (Why Etsy did not occur to me earlier??) but they’re away until the 20th. At least I will be able to make the schnibble, even if I’m too late for the parade that Sherri and Sinta are proposing for ‘Le petit’.

Thank you for visiting, and do go see what everyone else is up to at kootoyou.
À bi!

Usually it falls out that…

I’m either ahead of a trend or behind it, so much so that the fabric/pattern I would love to get my hands on has performed the ex-parrot sketch and is no more. After reading a quilting life until quite late yestereve, I thought I might join in Le Petite…A Year of Small Projects. Project 1 is to make an ironing board cover. Mine would not qualify—scorched scraps to fresh calico, but project 2 is to make ‘paganini’, one of Miss Rosie’s schnibble patterns.

I like the pattern, and had my eye on the schnibble of ‘cheap trick’–I see it as ideal for showing off Kate Spain’s ‘fandango’, but–there’s always a but, no?–I can not find either pattern in the UK, nor in one shop in the US. Fingers cross that I’m the lucky winner of the drawing for all the schnibbles patterns that Carrie is generously hosting on la vie en rosie–go and comment on the giveaway post before saturday to be included. Should I be so fortunate, I’ve decided to have a giveaway of my own (which ought to be amusing, no, since no one follows this blog!) As I own Carrie’s book ‘Schnibbles times two’, I thought I could offer the patterns in the book to someone else. Pay it Forward, en effect. Fun, no?
À bi!


I like the word ‘stuff’. It covers so many situations where the right word eludes me. Today’s ‘stuff’ includes some quilty chatter and what’s-on-my-work-table.

When I was at Harrogate expo recently, I bought a book. I’m not a great one for books (unlike fellow quilter H who has enough to open a store! Seriously) but the patterns in this one–J’adore! Plus, it was a fun read. Plus, the author is a goggeh person–her pattern company is named after said goggeh–have I clued you in enough yet? I came home with schnibbles times two. I read it through. And through. And some more. And then, as fellow quilter H would say, the pondering started. I have my share of charm packs, and only half-assed notions of what to do with them, but after reading this book, I had no idea where to start first!

Counting, I had ‘Pumpkin and Spice’ by Deb Strain (love her fabrics!) in enough to start this:

With one change, I’m following the pattern attentively (after an early error!) and that is to substitute blue for the cream in the geese and sashing. Nothing says automne to me like those turning leafy colors against a blue sky, the kind of blue you only get on a clear, crisp automne day. Fingers cross that it comes out the way I see it in my mind’s eye… *g* Stuff seldom seems to. Enough ‘stuff’ for today.
À bi!