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Summer fun

The first quilt ever I pieced, this, in July 2009. It waited for quilting, and was quilted on a borrowed 440QE, before I could afford my own. Bringing it out to display today, some reasonable weather meant I could try for decent photos. Again, my usual apology; the quilt *is* square; I seem unable to photograph my projects so that they *look* square!

Made from a Deb Strain ‘summer fun’ charm pack, and a little yardage, the borders are asymmetric by design. Keen quilters will recognise a ‘disappearing 9 patch’ design.

3 more photos


Quilts Japan magazine #145

I was fortunate in receiving a subscription to Quilts Japan for my birthday earlier this month, and this issue was waiting for me when I got in from work friday. Happyhappy! I share some of my favourite quilts from it, and hope you forgive the less-than-super photos—light here is not good b/c of rain. To begin, the cover.
I have always liked ‘thousand pyramid’ quilts, and the bright, scrappy mix of this one appeals. Is a happy kinda quilt, no? 🙂


just playing…

So I was looking around, and found a nifty ‘press this’ button. Already I have the ‘pin this’ (although, wasting spending time on Pinterest has lost a lot of the shine for me recently) and so this is by nature of experiment (and procrastinating hoovering!)

One of my quilty ‘likes’ from Tumblr..


Here I am at WordPress. Different to Dreamwidth but I know there are fellow quilters here, so…

Today I am happily dipping into the latest Quilt Mania.  I love this French magazine–even though my French is very limited!

This English edition has lots of photos from ‘L’Amour Du Fil’ exhibition. It looks very fun–so many ideas!

About the only other news I have to share is that I’m heading out for a short break tomorrow. The same group of us that went to Northumbria (about this time last year too) are heading for the Vale of York. Already I checked for quilt shops, and there are 2 in York itself. Also I learned there is a Quilt museum there. I had no idea there was such a thing in the UK! Something to anticipate!

There may even be Wifi so I could get into the swing of updating here. Until then,

Ă€ bi!