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Summer fun

The first quilt ever I pieced, this, in July 2009. It waited for quilting, and was quilted on a borrowed 440QE, before I could afford my own. Bringing it out to display today, some reasonable weather meant I could try for decent photos. Again, my usual apology; the quilt *is* square; I seem unable to photograph my projects so that they *look* square!

Made from a Deb Strain ‘summer fun’ charm pack, and a little yardage, the borders are asymmetric by design. Keen quilters will recognise a ‘disappearing 9 patch’ design.

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Quilt mania: nr 90

read more, with another 7 images from the magazine

in process

I think I must be the very last quilter to the Granny Square party! (Also, all the photos in this post are from my Dreamwidth blog.)

During the third week of mai, I showed some granny square blocks I had started. I had seen them on other quilty blogs, and Flickr, and liked how it looked. Also, I was reminded of a quilt I’d seen in Quilts Japan, but we get to that. 🙂 Here is the blog, and tute, where granny Square blocks originated. Fun, no? 🙂

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Quilts Japan magazine #145

I was fortunate in receiving a subscription to Quilts Japan for my birthday earlier this month, and this issue was waiting for me when I got in from work friday. Happyhappy! I share some of my favourite quilts from it, and hope you forgive the less-than-super photos—light here is not good b/c of rain. To begin, the cover.
I have always liked ‘thousand pyramid’ quilts, and the bright, scrappy mix of this one appeals. Is a happy kinda quilt, no? 🙂


just playing…

So I was looking around, and found a nifty ‘press this’ button. Already I have the ‘pin this’ (although, wasting spending time on Pinterest has lost a lot of the shine for me recently) and so this is by nature of experiment (and procrastinating hoovering!)

One of my quilty ‘likes’ from Tumblr..

weather the weather whatever the weather

How can it be the Longest Day, and supposedly summer, and I am so cold that I had to put the heating on?

Also, we have Warnings for heavy rain.

A typical British summer then, no? 🙂

I show you instead my hand pieced 4 diamond stars. 2 are ‘blazing star’ and 2 are ‘sunset star’. The half one, in sunflower print, was fussy cut by hand. I am happyhappy sewing these by hand, although it gets me some funny looks on the train to and from work! Whatevs, no?

À bi!



‘Snorkelling the waves’; a cot sized quilt.

I did promise proper ‘presenting’ post when the quilt was washed and dried, and so it is!
Before washing was 92.5 x 136cm (36.5″ x 53.5″) Generous cot size. After the dryer–the crinkles–J’adore!!–is now 88 X 130cm (34.75″ x 51″) I seem to be losing 5/6cm, or roughly 2″, which I guess is about right. 🙂

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I like the word ‘stuff’. It covers so many situations where the right word eludes me. Today’s ‘stuff’ includes some quilty chatter and what’s-on-my-work-table.

When I was at Harrogate expo recently, I bought a book. I’m not a great one for books (unlike fellow quilter H who has enough to open a store! Seriously) but the patterns in this one–J’adore! Plus, it was a fun read. Plus, the author is a goggeh person–her pattern company is named after said goggeh–have I clued you in enough yet? I came home with schnibbles times two. I read it through. And through. And some more. And then, as fellow quilter H would say, the pondering started. I have my share of charm packs, and only half-assed notions of what to do with them, but after reading this book, I had no idea where to start first!

Counting, I had ‘Pumpkin and Spice’ by Deb Strain (love her fabrics!) in enough to start this:

With one change, I’m following the pattern attentively (after an early error!) and that is to substitute blue for the cream in the geese and sashing. Nothing says automne to me like those turning leafy colors against a blue sky, the kind of blue you only get on a clear, crisp automne day. Fingers cross that it comes out the way I see it in my mind’s eye… *g* Stuff seldom seems to. Enough ‘stuff’ for today.
À bi!

Quilt designs–not where you expect them

Explored today: Helmsley castle, and Byland abbey.

There was remains of an elaborate plaster ceiling that I felt could be adapated into a quilt design and so I lay on the floor, camera pointed up, to capture all the detail possible. My companions thought I was a bit mad (more than a bit!) but helped me back to my feet once I was satisfied. 🙂

At Byland Abbey, I was astonished to discover original mediæval floor tiles in situ, and the designs… They set my mind spinning–there was variation on ‘Jack’s Chain’, and another in which I could see the ‘kaleidoscope’ block, and the most epic roundel design that incorporated many patterns. This was the more surprising to me as the abbey is ruined–open to the elements–and these tiles are unprotected. Since it is cared for by English Heritage, I imagine all care is taken.
À bi!