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Quilts Japan #146

I would like to say I have been piecing and quilting like mad thing, and that is the reason I haven’t been posting, but, (as you might guess) is not true. More on that another day. Recently, the newest Quilts Japan magazine arrived at my door.

As it says on the cover, this issue has many Hawaiian quilts.

Only a few quilts catch my eye in this issue.

Quite modern, this quilt, with waffle cotton for textural interest. The border is a large feature print.

This is (I think) one of the exhibition quilts towards the back of the magazine. All the info is in Japanese so I can tell you nothing about it. But, sunflowers! 🙂 happyhappy!

Until next time, à bi! 🙂


Quilts Japan magazine #145

I was fortunate in receiving a subscription to Quilts Japan for my birthday earlier this month, and this issue was waiting for me when I got in from work friday. Happyhappy! I share some of my favourite quilts from it, and hope you forgive the less-than-super photos—light here is not good b/c of rain. To begin, the cover.
I have always liked ‘thousand pyramid’ quilts, and the bright, scrappy mix of this one appeals. Is a happy kinda quilt, no? 🙂