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Quilt designs–not where you expect them

Explored today: Helmsley castle, and Byland abbey.

There was remains of an elaborate plaster ceiling that I felt could be adapated into a quilt design and so I lay on the floor, camera pointed up, to capture all the detail possible. My companions thought I was a bit mad (more than a bit!) but helped me back to my feet once I was satisfied. 🙂

At Byland Abbey, I was astonished to discover original mediæval floor tiles in situ, and the designs… They set my mind spinning–there was variation on ‘Jack’s Chain’, and another in which I could see the ‘kaleidoscope’ block, and the most epic roundel design that incorporated many patterns. This was the more surprising to me as the abbey is ruined–open to the elements–and these tiles are unprotected. Since it is cared for by English Heritage, I imagine all care is taken.
À bi!