Many blocks make quilt work

The 1st of the month means *points up* I set myself new quilty goals. Also, since I forgot y/day and missed that post, I remind myself what was completed last month.

*this space left intentionally blank*

I do have 7 and a half 4 diamond stars, and 9 Lemoyne stars made, but I haven’t done any thing for the granny square quilt, nor ‘pretzel party’, nor ‘blueberry crumbcake’. Also, the little trick schnibble still waits for quilting.

Is hard to sew at the moment. I find my heart isn’t in it so much, and if I try to force it, I make mistakes and have to unpick. It will pass, and I will be myself again. (based on previous experience)

So, for month of july, I give myself space to work on whatever I want to, and be content.
À bi!



Salut! :-) I'd love to hear from you, and all replies are appreciated.

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