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I think I must be the very last quilter to the Granny Square party! (Also, all the photos in this post are from my Dreamwidth blog.)

During the third week of mai, I showed some granny square blocks I had started. I had seen them on other quilty blogs, and Flickr, and liked how it looked. Also, I was reminded of a quilt I’d seen in Quilts Japan, but we get to that. 🙂 Here is the blog, and tute, where granny Square blocks originated. Fun, no? 🙂

Soon after it was finished, I show my friend H Bright Star. She smiled and immediately said, ‘Urban Indigo. Fig Tree. I had some of that. A jelly roll and some yardage. I just love the colours but I never found a pattern that worked for it. I gave it away in that massive clearout I had. Wish I’d kept it now.’ Her wistful comment stayed with me.

H has only made 2 big size quilts. One is ‘AVF’, (J’ADORE!!!!) and the other is ‘Dandelion Girl’, also Fig Tree. She is drawn to the faded, shabby chic look, and I can see why she likes Urban Indigo. (as an aside DG waits for binding off. She has the yardage but (like me!) is a bit scared to square up such a big quilt. Is bed size. Regularly, I encourage her to do it, have offered to help, b/c bed quilts ought to be on beds. Also, she had it professionally longarmed as well. *faints* at thought of all those euros.) Where I was? Oh yes.

H very generously gave me a huge bag full of fabrics during her clearout. The minute she spoke, I recalled that jelly roll and decided to make her a quilt from it.

Some of the Granny Square blocks. I had first thought I’d separate the blocks with one grey square. But. They look cramped. Is fussy. Like they have no room to breathe.

Spaced out a little more. Now it looks… Not right. Can’t put my finger on it.Then I recall this quilt.

So. Joining blocks. 9 patches with grey.

Not liking that either. Now I’ve lost the Granny Squares. Hmm. It works on the QJ quilt b/c those Granny Squares have 6 layers where mine has only 3. Maybe more grey in the 9 patch? So far, I’m liking this. I have more Granny Square blocks to make, and then I start the 9 patches and try a new layout.

A week went by, and I had more blocks, I began to not like the grey so much. When I feel unsure, usually I go to H for her opinion (she is the only person I know in Real Life who shares my interest in quilting) but this time, I can not. I really want to surprise her with the completed quilt!

I like the contrast of the grey with the colours but is too dominant. H’s daughter, S, (the resident artist, as H calls her. *g*) calls round one afternoon to help me out. She felt it was ‘too violet’ and ‘overpowered’ the blocks. She suggested ‘dirty carpet’ color. Lol! I show her my Kona card and she suggests Khaki or Champagne. Unsure, but trusting, I order a little Khaki b/c is easier to find in UK…

Now *this* I like much better! Also, it feels more ‘shabby chic’ than the grey. Am sure H would be happier with it. The blocks are again the feature, and the ground supports them. Happyhappy! Many thanks to S for her help and advice. 🙂


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I love the Granny Square…I’m waiting for a charm swap I’m in, with Denyse Schmidt fabrics, before I start it. I’m very fond of Joanna’s fabrics (Fig Tree) too. 🙂

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