Many blocks make quilt work

I was fortunate in receiving a subscription to Quilts Japan for my birthday earlier this month, and this issue was waiting for me when I got in from work friday. Happyhappy! I share some of my favourite quilts from it, and hope you forgive the less-than-super photos—light here is not good b/c of rain. To begin, the cover.
I have always liked ‘thousand pyramid’ quilts, and the bright, scrappy mix of this one appeals. Is a happy kinda quilt, no? 🙂

I turn the pages, lingering over each, and then this quilt appears.
Oh. My!! My heart beats a little faster! Stars! J’adore. Hexies! J’adore. Both together? Oh my! I just found my next project! Do I have to add I love every thing about this quilt? 🙂

Have a close up.

On the next page is project 12
Again, I catch my breath. So pretty, and full of sparkle! After a while admiring, I work out why–is the combination of yellow/orange/red with the other scraps against the spring blue. Direct complements. Here is another quilt to hand piece, no? (For me, anyway!) I think the design is ‘lady of the lake’, although I’m happy to be corrected. Always I have loved this design but while making another quilt with lots of QSTs and finding how few points were neat, (and the great ‘humps’ of seams on the back—would a needle quilt through that??) I decided I would never be able to make my own lady of the lake quilt. Then I discovered hand piecing. Is now on my mental ‘I’ll-make-one-of-those-one-day’ list. *g*

This project looks so complex! Almost it boggles the eye.
I love the pools of color, and the way the simple quilting increases the complex look.

Over the page, project 18
Oh! My! More tris, and if you squint, almost stars. And the matching cushions are just, parfait. Even the gentle, soft colours please me, and generally, I prefer clear, bright colors. I could happily smuggle this away to my nest! 🙂

Project 21
Interesting, no? 🙂 I love the combination of strip pieced triangles and pieced ones, made of smaller tris. Prairie points finish is fun too!

This quilt is towards the back of the magazine, and I’m guessing is from an exhibition. I can not tell you the title or who made it as I have no Japanese. I *think* it might be the mola technique, but it catches my eye. Specially I like the sun and moon, and the figure in the tree.

This quilt is certainly from an exhibition. I have seen it in a previous Quilts Japan magazine. Again, I can not tell you the title or who made it, and I would love to know. This is another quilt that has things I love—that epic fabric of the rabbit/hare in the moon. How I would love to have a small piece of that! I love the way the quilter used that feature fabric, and the blocks chosen to work with it. Even though most of the colors are a more neutral palette, I love looking at it.

Those are some of the projects and quilts showcased in this issue. I could have shown you more, but we’d be here all day, and there is (alas!) other Stuff that must be done. Until next time,
À bi!


Comments on: "Quilts Japan magazine #145" (2)

  1. What a beautiful magazine — so full of inspiration! They’re all stunning but project 18 really caught my eye!

  2. Do you recognize the material that was used on project 3 that is on the 4th page from the back cover in this issue (3/2012) ? I love the quilt and the colors and am looking to see if I can find them.

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