Many blocks make quilt work


‘Snorkelling the waves’; a cot sized quilt.

I did promise proper ‘presenting’ post when the quilt was washed and dried, and so it is!
Before washing was 92.5 x 136cm (36.5″ x 53.5″) Generous cot size. After the dryer–the crinkles–J’adore!!–is now 88 X 130cm (34.75″ x 51″) I seem to be losing 5/6cm, or roughly 2″, which I guess is about right. 🙂

Made back in 2010 from bright, fun fat quarter bundle of ‘Snorkel’ by Cosmo Cricket for Makower/Andover. It is made from the same template (60º diamond) and to the same design as I used for A Wave of Nostalgia. It doesn’t really show, but I cut the patches in such a way that the pattern would ‘run’ across the quilt. This involved working out the orientation of the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ so I knew how many of each patch to cut.

At the end of last year, I decided I had to complete my old tops before I started the new ones I want to make, and this month, ‘Snorkel’s’ turn came. Always, I had intended to piece the backing, and these are some of my favorite prints from the group. Those little swimming fish on the bright blue, j’adore!

As in ‘A wave of nostalgia’, I used the shape of the patches to quilt waves across the quilt. This time, I had a walking foot to make the job easier and so I quilted the sandwich without marking, intentionally making the quilting lines irregular and unevenly spaced to suggest waves. This post shows some quilting detail, and has info about the thread.
When I see the finished quilt, I think it works well, and I’m happyhappy with it!
It makes cheerful cover for cold metal garden seat!
À bi!

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