Many blocks make quilt work

Usually it falls out that…

I’m either ahead of a trend or behind it, so much so that the fabric/pattern I would love to get my hands on has performed the ex-parrot sketch and is no more. After reading a quilting life until quite late yestereve, I thought I might join in Le Petite…A Year of Small Projects. Project 1 is to make an ironing board cover. Mine would not qualify—scorched scraps to fresh calico, but project 2 is to make ‘paganini’, one of Miss Rosie’s schnibble patterns.

I like the pattern, and had my eye on the schnibble of ‘cheap trick’–I see it as ideal for showing off Kate Spain’s ‘fandango’, but–there’s always a but, no?–I can not find either pattern in the UK, nor in one shop in the US. Fingers cross that I’m the lucky winner of the drawing for all the schnibbles patterns that Carrie is generously hosting on la vie en rosie–go and comment on the giveaway post before saturday to be included. Should I be so fortunate, I’ve decided to have a giveaway of my own (which ought to be amusing, no, since no one follows this blog!) As I own Carrie’s book ‘Schnibbles times two’, I thought I could offer the patterns in the book to someone else. Pay it Forward, en effect. Fun, no?
À bi!


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