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Do you know what I thought when first I saw the ‘Spa’ charm packs, by Deb Strain, for Moda? Of course you don’t, so I tell you. πŸ™‚

brand new and ancient and the bluest blue ever

Seems appropriate for today… no?


Fun, no? πŸ™‚

and we’re walking…

Where’s hazle? (answers on a post card… *g*)
Γ€ bi!

Quilts Japan #146

I would like to say I have been piecing and quilting like mad thing, and that is the reason I haven’t been posting, but, (as you might guess) is not true. More on that another day. Recently, the newest Quilts Japan magazine arrived at my door.

As it says on the cover, this issue has many Hawaiian quilts.

Only a few quilts catch my eye in this issue.

Quite modern, this quilt, with waffle cotton for textural interest. The border is a large feature print.

This is (I think) one of the exhibition quilts towards the back of the magazine. All the info is in Japanese so I can tell you nothing about it. But, sunflowers! πŸ™‚ happyhappy!

Until next time, Γ  bi! πŸ™‚

some thing to watch for

Dec/12 Seascapes Charm Pack.

Due out decembre 2012. Have I said I *love* Deb Strain prints?

***these images shamelessly borrowed from Green Fairy quilts (the link at the top) only b/c the Moda website keeps telling me the feature to view fabrics is down for maintenance, or temporarily unavailable…***

Spent a lovely afternoon yesterday in (a very packed!) medieval market town celebrating a showcase of Lancashire foods in the beautiful Ribble valley.

We managed to dodge the rain, and went straight for lunch at Mansell’s. It’s a coffee house in the Swan Courtyard, off Castle Street. Y/day was the 3rd time I have lunched there, and the meal *never* disappoints. The view from my table, into the busy courtyard, as I ate.

After an excellent lunch (chilli & ginger chicken goujons, served with a wonderful mixed salad), we explored the various producers in the festival. Clitheroe food festival website.

I returned with a piece of Dewlay Tasty Lancashire cheese, a bottle of red wine, and a sparkling from Whalley Wine shop, sampled artisan breads, some sausages from Cowmans Famous Sausage Shop (wild boar, pork and chestnut) and tasted others I can’t recall, although the queue to get in the shop went down the street!

The sun shone, and it was warm—indeed, I wished I had a hat to shade my face, and there have not been many times I can say that so far this year! I wish I had learned about the festival earlier than I did—there were ‘tutored tastings’, and chef masterclasses I would *love* to have tried for tickets for. Next year, perhaps? It rained again as we left, quite heavily. I was happy not to get wet! (Is the first time I’ve visited Clitheroe and *not* got wet! πŸ™‚

About half 5, as I was preparing dinner, a thunderstorm rolled across, and the temperature dropped by 3 degrees! I can still hear the occasional rumble, but there is no lightning.

Beautiful, no?

An Autumn Breeze (78″ x 80″) 2009, by Akiko Kuwata of Osaka, Japan. A subtle, pieced background shows off red leaves and flowers to their best advantage in this original design. Kawata’s quilt includes machine piecing, hand piecing, and machine quilting.

Text and photo from Quilter’s Newsletter June/July 2012, from the article about the ‘Hands All Around’ exhibit, sponsored by Quilters Newsletter, at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, which featured the best of contemporary quilts from around the world.

Of the 15 quilts shown in the article, this, and 1 other, particularly caught my eye, so I thought I would share.

Summer fun

The first quilt ever I pieced, this, in July 2009. It waited for quilting, and was quilted on a borrowed 440QE, before I could afford my own. Bringing it out to display today, some reasonable weather meant I could try for decent photos. Again, my usual apology; the quilt *is* square; I seem unable to photograph my projects so that they *look* square!

Made from a Deb Strain ‘summer fun’ charm pack, and a little yardage, the borders are asymmetric by design. Keen quilters will recognise a ‘disappearing 9 patch’ design.

3 more photos


Brr! has landed.

My fat quarter bundle came from the Village Haberdashery. I recommend them specially b/c they keep you updated superbly when you pre-order and have to wait. (Or forget you ordered it!) Sadly, the ice flowers print was sold out before it reached them. I may try to acquire some to complete my pack.

Also, look, even the packaging matches! πŸ™‚